Poshmark tips and tricks to make major cash

Couture Unicorn owner Rachel Lucas offers tips and tricks to boost your sales on Poshmark. Learn how to become a professional Poshmark seller, producing extra income for your side hustle.

Time to cash in on those unwanted clothing items hanging in your closet! Instead of just donating them, why not try to make a little something back on the purchase price? Try Poshmark! Poshmark is an extremely popular and ever-growing free app that helps users sell unwanted clothing. As a TV News anchor, I’m always buying clothing, trying to keep up with the latest trends and refreshing my wardrobe.

I began using Poshmark in 2016 to get rid of some of my clothing I no longer wore, hoping I could make a little extra cash. Little did I know then, “poshing” would not only help me sell my unwanted clothing and find great deals on new pieces, but it also gave me the start-up capital to open my own business! That’s right! Couture Unicorn was created thanks in part to money I made through selling clothing on Poshmark!

Poshmark proved to be a great way to make money and was a good ‘test-drive’ in the retail industry. Couture Unicorn now has more than 130,000 followers on Poshmark and continues to grow. I’ve learned a lot of great tips and tricks along my journey that I love to share.

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In a nutshell:

  • Poshmark is available through a web browser or free web app (available for IOS or Android).
  • Take photos of your items and list them on Poshmark.
  • Be very descriptive of the item, brand, condition and sizing.
  • Share like crazy!
  • Buyers can make an offer on your item or buy it at the listed price.
  • Once it sells – ship it out as fast as you can. You only have 7 days to do so. Buyers pay standard shipping. Poshmark provides the shipping label.
  • You get paid once your item is accepted by your buyer – or three days after it arrives.
  • Deposit that cash!

Pro Tips:

  • Take GREAT photos
View your Poshmark Closet from the buyers point of view. Would you buy this?
    • Good lighting is key.
    • Put a light source in front of your clothing NOT behind.
    • Natural light looks best
    • Modeling your outfit works best.
    • If you can’t model it – invest in a dress form. This will be your best investment yet!
    • Have a nice, clean background. No one wants to see cluttered mess. They want to know the item comes from a clean, well-kept home.
    • Upload multiple pictures showing multiple angles and up-close photos.

      • Give Detailed Descriptions
      Most likely you only have one opportunity to impress a potential buyer. If  they don’t find the information they are looking for – chances are, they are moving on. This is your opportunity to say why you think this is  such a great piece!

          Details to include

      • Condition
      • Any flaws? Include pictures if there is any damage or missing pieces.
      • Size Measurements: Length, Bust, Waist, Inseam Etc.
      • Exact color
      • Brand name
      • Does the item have a particular style name or color? This will also help improve the likelihood that a buyer searching for this particular item will find it.
      • Fabric contents
      • Details about the fit

        • Share! Share! Share!

        This is THE most important action you can take to quickly sell items in your Poshmark closet. When you share your items to your newsfeed, other sellers or to Posh Parties, your items will list higher in search categories. This means more opportunities for buyers to find your item. Plus – buyers are less likely to buy from a closet that hasn’t been updated in a while.

        • Share your items at least 3 times a day.
        • Best time to share? Early morning, noon and before bed.
        • Share to both your news feed and to Posh Parties when applicable.

          • Research what is selling
          Read current fashion trends. What are the most trendy items of the season?Check the top-selling categories on Poshmark and look at the number of likes on different items
          • Most popular brands sold on Poshmark
            • Kate Spade
            • Anthropologie
            • Tory Burch
            • Patagonia
            • Coach
            • Eileen Fisher
            • Pink Victoria Secret
            • Free People
            • Lululemon
            • Christian Louboutin
            • Michael Kors
            • Nike
            • Gucci
            • Louis Vuitton

          View here: https://www.report.poshmark.com/


          • Earn 5 Stars
          The best customer is a repeat customer! Strive to make your customer happy with a personalized experience.
          • Make sure garment is cleaned and smells great
          • Fold clothing nicely
          • Wrap item in tissue paper, ribbon or even add ‘thank you’ stickers
          • Include handwritten ‘thank you’ note
          • Ship quickly
          • Communicate with buyer about any issues and when you expect to ship the item
          • Include free gift (this can be a cheap, low-priced item or product sample)
          • Follow up to see if they liked the item if they don’t leave you a rating
          • Always thank your customer for a positive 5-star rating


          Couture Unicorn’s Poshmark Tool Box

          I have a shelf of items dedicated to my Poshmark closet. These are essential items that are extremely helpful to have in one place when shipping your items.

          • Lint Roller
          • Garment Steamer/Iron
          • Dryer sheets (Great to put in with clothing so items smell great upon arrival)
          • Tissue Paper
          • Thank-you notes/Stamps/Stationary
          • Scotch tape
          • Packing tape
          • Pens
          • Scissors
          • Shipping Boxes (Get these for FREE from the post office)
          • Mannequin or Bust Form 
          • Cute solid white blankets and props for photos


          • Camera or Camera Phone
          • Printer (for printing shipping labels)
          • Bazaart App (for photo editing)
          • Facetune (for photo editing)
          • Layout (by Instagram)


          What is worth investing in?

          While it's true you have to spend money to make money, my advice is to start SLOW. The goal is make money on unwanted fashion and home pieces. But leveling up make take some extra cash. Here are the top 3 toolbox essentials I've found most worth while to spend cash on.

          • Mannequin/ Bust Form: These are fabulous for displaying clothing on when you want to display a piece you no longer fit in or don't have time or space to take a good selfie. You can purchase these online (look for free shipping options) through Amazon, Wal-Mart or other companies anywhere from $35-$85.
          • Bazaart App: This is by far THE best app I've found for my retail business. I use this app to easily create graphics, layouts and edit photos for coutureunicorn.com, Facebook, Instagram and my Poshmark closet. It even has a feature that will erase your background in seconds! This is the perfect app for Poshmark sellers. There is a free trial available. Monthly plans start at $7.99. I love it so much I pay for the yearly subscription at $47.99. When it comes to business marketing, Bazaart is fabulous. They also have great customer support. Best. Money. Spent. Ever.
          • Poly mailers: While I would suggest waiting a while before you start spending money on packaging materials - poly mailers have definitely upped my game. For large bundles or handbags, I still use free flatrate boxes from the post office, but for smaller items or single pieces of clothing I use Unicorn Print poly mailers. They add a little something extra to your presentation. I recommend getting these from Amazon. Make sure you calculate how much you are paying per bag. I buy in quantities large enough that I only spend about .10 cents per bag. Deduct that cost from your profit. The little things add up!



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