The 6 biggest Color trends of 2020

While we aren’t yet a month into winter, and only now just enjoying those sweaters, boots and mittens we received over the holidays, it’s never too early to start planning your spring and summer wardrobe. After all, one of Couture Unicorn’s top priority is affordability. Planning ahead, hitting sales when you can, and budgeting is one of the best ways to space out expenses.

Pantone Color Institute has already picked out Spring/Summer 2020 color trends and describe them as “friendly and relatable” in a way that conveys a sense of ease. “From inky blues and bio-luminous neons, to summer browns and seaweed greens, colors for Spring/Summer 2020 display depth and complexity.”

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From a bold fiery red, to the classic blue color of the year, Couture Unicorn is sharing the six biggest color trends you’ll see plastered all over insta in the coming seasons.

Flame Scarlet

Everyone loves a good red, right? From your favorite fiery lip color to the standout red nails and matching heels- this is the year to go bold. 
This “here-I-am, pay-attention-to-me” shade is more indicative of the women’s movement,” said Pantone Color Institute’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman. “Obviously, red always gives that voice to women.”


Faded Denim 

This next color is sure to get all of the nineties-loving Millennial's like myself excited!  Faded Denim is back, baby! (Hello, matching Justin and Brittany denim suit and dress throw-back?!) Eiseman described this "super comfortable shade" as not "the stiff new pair of jeans that you just put on, but something that you have washed a few times or have the illusion that you have." What's great about this color? Almost every other color looks amazing with it! "We are adding excitement to this color by adding a punch of Saffron or Flame Scarlet," Eiseman said.


Biscay Green

In line with Pantone's calming, cool tones for 2020, Biscay Green is sure to dominate Spring/Summer. The refreshing aqua shade adds a pop of excitement, while keeping a cool ease to your outfit. Pair this color with a shade of pink for a soft, sweet look. The pair would be perfect for Easter!


Coral Pink

Youthful, warm and delicate. This feminine shade plays well day and night and paired well, can add a the perfect pop of color to a career or casual look. Pink is everything Couture Unicorn, so I'm particularly excited about this one! I'm feeling a little rose bubbly already. 



Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear, yet one I was afraid of for so long. I feel like women often underestimate their ability to pull off this color.  Eiseman said Saffron is a determined shade and adds a shot of brilliance to the palette. “As a forecaster, one of the things I look at constantly is the food and beverage industry, because its direction has such a consumer interest level. Everybody wants to find out what tastes good, what’s the hot new thing, what do I need to try and experiment with? I have seen the rise of food as an influence steadily,” she said. “Saffron is evidence that we are really interested in learning more about flavors particularly when they are used in other countries. Saffron is not the only impactful color — chive green is another example.”


That brings us to our next color! Chive is on the darker side of the green hue and offers a richer, yet more organic feel to the wardrobe.
It also pairs perfectly with Saffron!


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